Greg Emslie: he was invited for the Cell C Goodwave surf contest | Photo: Cell C Goodwave

South Africa is gearing up for an unusual surf contest format held at an iconic beach break.

The Cell C Goodwave, a World Surf League-sanctioned event, has a waiting period of 365 days and will mix former champions with new school pro surfers.

Thirty-two of the finest surfers in South Africa and 32 alternates will pay a one Rand entry fee to compete on the best day of waves that the New Pier in Durban has to offer.

The competition has an R100,000 prize money, the largest purse ever seen in the country. If the swell and wind conditions align until December 31, 2017, the event hopes to make history.

"I'm really proud of the fact that we managed to resurrect this contest. It's the most exciting event on the domestic surfing calendar," underlines Barry Wolins from South African Surfing Legends.

The one-day, four-man heat, sudden death format expects a swell capable of producing between 10 and 12 barreling waves every 30 minutes for 8 hours.

The Cell C Goodwave | Invitees

Beyrick de Vries
Brandon Jackson
Brendan O'Connor
Chad du Toit
Chris Leppan
Dale Staples
Damien Fahrenfort
Dan Redman
Davey Weare
Davey van Zyl
Dylan Lightfoot
Frankie Oberholzer
Gary van Wieringen
Gavin Roberts
Grant Baker
Greg Emslie
Jason Ribbink
Josh Redman
Matt Bromley
Matt McGillivray
Mike Frew
Mikey February
Noel Rahme
Paul Canning
Richard Kidd
Ricky Basnett
Robbie Schofield
Sean Holmes
Shane Sykes
Shane Thorne
Simon Nicholson
Warwick Wright

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