Portugal Surf Guide: the land of perfect waves

"Portugal Surf Guide" is a surf travel book for adventurers willing to explore one of the best surfing countries in the world.

With 943 kilometers (586 miles) of coastline, Portugal is easy to explore when it comes to surfing. Fortunately, there are waves everywhere.

From the North to the Algarve, from the Azores to Madeira, Portugal offers beach breaks, point breaks, jetty breaks, and reef breaks for all levels of experience.

Surfing is growing fast in Portugal. Located halfway between the USA, Central Europe, and Asia, its oceanic culture and history will fascinate any surfer.

Antonio Pedro Sa Leal and Francisco Cipriano prepared "Portugal Surf Guide" in bilingual mode so that Portuguese, Brazilians, and English-speaking surfers can discover the country's greatest surf spots.

The book features a description of the main characteristics of the surf spot and classifies its consistency, type of wave, crowd, favorable wind, and tide, as well as information about accessibility and parking.

Portugal is considered to be one of the most hospitable countries in the world. What are you waiting for?

For more information about surfing in Portugal and Europe, get "The Stormrider Guide Europe: The Continent."

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