Fin-S: don't screw with them

Forget keys or screws in surfing. Fin-S promises the biggest breakthrough in surfboard fin technology since the advent of removable fin systems in the mid-1990s.

The new patented fin system is set to debut at the Orlando Surf Expo, and surfers to quickly and securely install fins without the inconvenience associated with utilizing keys or screws

Actually, it all seems very easy. Surfers can pop in or pop out a set of fins in seconds, allowing them to quickly experiment with new setups and configurations.

"The fin system market hasn’t moved forward in years," says Matt Biolos, Lost Surfboards master shaper.

"The Fin-S system is a step forward in toolless insertion and removal of fins and has a smooth and tight connection. Many of our team riders and I are excited to use this new choice in removable fins."

The Fin-S Co-founder and Chief Engineer, Chad Posner, believes they've engineered a solid fin system.

"'What about the spring? Will it rust?' No, it’s made from the highest quality marine-grade stainless steel, and we've been using them for years without problems. The springs will outlast your surfboard", tells Posner.

Sunny Garcia, Joel Centeio, Ben Bourgeois, Sean Moody, Kekoa Bacalso, and Peter Mendia have already tested the new detachable fin system.

"FIN-S performs better than any system I've ever tried. The weight of the boxes is incredibly light, and in all honesty, I’m sick of trying to find a fin key for my old fin systems", explains Sean Moody.

The fin boxes are made of high-quality glass-filled composite, allowing for a more durable and lightweight box.

The fin boxes have been refined to use the shortest possible box length to reduce interference with the board and help maintain the surfboard’s natural flex pattern.

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