Finn MacCools: sunny but rocky

Ireland is pumping the surfing world. After showing off the power of Prowlers, the local big riders have unveiled another pearl of Irish tow-in surfing.

Finn MacCools is the new giant of the European wave kingdom. The surf spot was discovered recently by Alastair Mennie, Andrew Cotton, and Lyndon Wake.

The big wave scenario breaks in front of the famous Giant's Causeway on the North Coast of Antrim.

Initially, Finn MacCools was surf paddled, but the team returned with war gear for a professional tow-in session and a group of photographers and videographers. The conditions were incredible and even sunny.

Finn MacCools breaks on top of the rocks only when the swell reaches windless 8 feet in low tide.

"It is a very different wave to Prowlers. Some aspects are more dangerous as it breaks so close to the rocks, but it's not as ledgy or as far out to sea as Prowlers," Al Mennie told our friends at

So, it's a very different spot, but in its own right is a genuine world-class big wave in its day. I'd say it's a combination of a point break and a big bombie-style wave."

Irish surfers believe this wave is capable of holding bigger rides. Nevertheless, Finn MacCools is considered a dangerous peak that only experienced surfers should take on.

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