First-ever Indian surf instructors get official certification

August 4, 2014 | Surfing
India: surfing is growing here

India held the first ever International Surfing Association (ISA) Level 1 Surf Instructor course, in Mahabalipuram.

A total of 23 participants - 21 from India and two from Sri Lanka - had a chance to learn the theory and put their knowledge into practice, during the five-day program.

The professional training and week long qualification workshop was organized by the Surfing Federation of India (SFI).

"The instructors have all worked hard this week, with long days of training with a large amount of information to understand and implement. They have all realised the need to work to maintain a professional high standard and provide high-quality safe surf lessons for all ages, abilities and water competency levels," says Jamo Borthwick, official ISA Surf Instructor.

"It was a great pleasure and extremely satisfying week working with such an enthusiastic and motivated group. Surfing in India definitely has a bright, exciting future."

Some newly-trained surf instructors already have their own surf school operation teaching people how to surf in a safe and enjoyable way. As an example, all students have learnt to teach beginners in waist-deep water for maximum safety.

Surfing is growing fast in India. The basic structures have been built, the national governing body is fully operational, and competitions are being regularly held. The next step is the development of the Indian National Surf Team.

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