10th Irons Brothers Pine Trees Classic: style is everything

More than 180 young surfer boys and girls have participated in the 10th edition of the Irons Brothers Pine Trees Classic in Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii. The event designed by Andy, Bruce, and the Irons family is all about giving back to the surfing community.

The goal is quite simple. Share the surfing stoke and enjoy a beautiful day with friends and family. This year, the waves were small, but the enthusiasm was enormous, and the sun was shining.

There were parties, candies, and prizes for everyone.

"I can't believe this is the 10th year. I see kids around that are 18 now who were doing the contest when they were 8", said Bruce Irons.

Sunny Garcia was invited and distributed posters, gifts, and autographs.

There were also great wave rides, and promising groms are already pumping the Kauai lineup.

Luca Aza and Kelta O'Rourke won the 9-10 divisions, while Kalei Chase and Chloe Shutt took the honors in the 11-12 categories.

This was the first Irons Brothers Pine Trees Classic since the passing of Andy Irons, and there were many emotions flowing in Hanalei.

10th Irons Brothers Pine Trees Classic | Results

9-10 Year Old Girls

1st Kelta O'Rourke
2nd Keala Tomoda-Bennart
3rd Soliel Errico
4th Gabriela Bryan
5th Ayla Sprecher
6th Juliana Tampus

9-10 Year Old Boys

1st Luca Aza
2nd Kanoa Douglas
3rd Noah Cheatum
4th Sasha Rovinsky
5th Miles Frazier
6th Nathan Tucker

11-12 Year Old Girls

1st Chloe Shutt
2nd Oceana Heartsong
3rd Tiana Tomoda-Bannart
4th Amber Weiss
5th Mokihana Mauiki
6th Jasimine Candelaria

11-12 Year Old Boys

1st Kalei Chase
2nd Joey Kaden
3rd Andres Elzaweida
4th Luke McCollough
5th Thor Hauglund
6th Zion Foster

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