Gabriel Medina opens a surf training center in Maresias

January 17, 2017 | Surfing
Instituto Gabriel Medina: a surf training center designed by the 2014 world surfing champion

Gabriel Medina has announced the opening of Instituto Gabriel Medina, a surf training center located in Maresias, Brazil.

The 2014 World Surf League (WSL) champion wanted to create a facility that would develop athletes and surfing champions, but also promote a healthy lifestyle and academic studies.

The families of all athletes are invited to cooperate with Gabriel Medina's Institute, and they will participate in the professional courses, workshops, and medical examinations planned for the new infrastructure.

"Gabriel wants, with our help, to transform the lives of these children. They need to be ready to conquer and get along with it, to become accomplished human beings ready to live any situation in life. The sport dictates rules," underlines Simone Medina, mother of the world champions and president of Instituto Medina.

"We're going to share our values with them and their families, in order to create a synchronized pattern. I believe that parents can change through their children."

The Instituto Gabriel Medina features a gym, classroom, medical office, swimming pool, trampoline (for aerial surf training), a small museum, and even a platform for holding championships and heat simulation.

Doctor Marcelo Baboghluian has been working in sports medicine for over 25 years, and he will head the medical department.

"It is clear that tactics and technique are inherent to development. But that is not everything that leads someone to the top. It takes general health, nutrition, conditioning, and psychism. The set of skills that will lead the individual to high performance," notes Baboghluian.

The 336-square-meter facility is targeted at 60 boys and girls with ages that range from 10 to 16, and has direct access to the beach. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.