Garren Pryce wins 2018 Makka Pro

January 10, 2019 | Surfing
Garren Pryce: he stole the show at the famous Jamaican reef break | Photo: JSA

Garren Pryce, one of Jamaica's top surfing athletes, took top honors at the 12th staging of the annual surfing event known globally as the Makka Pro.

The strip of coastline on the southern border of the community of Southaven in Yallahs, Saint Thomas was the place to be for surfing fans and enthusiasts on December 29 and 30.

The event, which had taken a two-year hiatus to the Palisadoes strip in Kingston, was once again back at its original venue.

Makka provided waves of the highest caliber for both days of competition, saving its best offerings for the grand finals.

An international field of competitors from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, and Japan registered in open men, junior men, women, and amateur divisions.

On Saturday, spectators were treated to the elimination rounds in all divisions which showcased the islands top surfer in the four divisions.

Jamaica dominated all divisions except in the Amateurs where the Japanese surfers stole the spotlight.

2018 Makka Pro junior finalists: Keron Williams, Javaun Brown, Ivah Wilmot, and Ronald Hastings | Photo: JSA

Exciting Finals

Sunday saw semifinals and finals of all divisions, and the athletes did not disappoint the large crowd on hand to witness the spectacle.

All four divisions provided exciting entertainment but the highlight of the weekend was definitely the open men's final.

The four surfers who had battled through the rounds to the ultimate heat were Garren Pryce, Ackeam Phillips, Elishama Beckford, and Shane Simmonds.

The Caribbean was pulsing, and waves were breaking and roaring down the rocky beach providing the perfect canvas for the surfers to display their talent.

With 30 minutes to secure their two highest scoring waves, the surfers paddled out in front of the judges, and the spectators gathered along the bluff and prepared to do battle.

The horn sounded, and the heat was on. The surfers put on a big show with spray and surfers flying everywhere.

The crowd on the beach cheered for their favorites as they challenged the powerful surf. Ride after impressive ride resulted in numerous lead changes as the time ticked away.

Ackeam Grabbed the lead and held it till the dying seconds when Garren dropped in on a beautiful wall and proceeded to slash and rip it to shreds grabbing the win right on the buzzer.

Ronald Hastings: the dominated the junior surfing division | Photo: JSA

2018 Makka Pro

Open Men
1. Garren Pryce (Bull Bay)
2. Ackeam Phillips (Bull Bay)
3. Elishama Beckford (Bull Bay)
4. Shane Simmonds (Boston Bay)

1. Elim Beckford (Bull Bay)
2. Imani Wilmot (Bull Bay)

Junior Men
1. Ronald Hastings (Bull Bay)
2. Ivah Wilmot (Bull Bay)
3. Javaun Brown (Boston Bay)
4. Keron Williams (Boston Bay)

1. Takayori Thoma (JAP)
2. Teppei Sato (JAP)
3. Ryan Chanona (TTO)
4. Adam Miller (Kingston)

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