Garrett McNamara: a future wetsuit brand

Garrett McNamara has designed a specially customized oxygen-enhanced wetsuit that allows him to breathe small reserves of oxygen underwater.

The Hawaiian surfing icon is developing all tools that may improve the quality of his big wave experiences.

The new wetsuit can save lives, and it was developed with the helping hand of Camelback, a water canteen company.

McNamara has attached a small oxygen reserve in the suit's lining so that, in an emergency situation, he can stay underwater for several extra minutes.

Wipeouts in big wave scenarios are quite dangerous.

The man who rode a 90-foot record wave last year in Nazare, Portugal, knows how it feels to get stuck in impossible white-water horrors.

Garrett McNamara is currently chasing a 120-footer in the same place where surfed the Portuguese bomb - Praia do Norte.

The big wave charger has a private jet at his disposal so that he can make the 5-hour flight from Miami to Nazaré at any time. has already reported another customized wetsuit by Shane Dorian.

His wetsuit has a built-in instantly inflatable air bladder and was developed after Dorian's 2010 near-drowning incident in Mavericks.

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