Garrett McNamara goes XXL with Wavejet surfboard

December 7, 2011 | Surfing
Garrett McNamara: Wavejet is great for a 44-year old dude

Garrett McNamara has scored a 45-foot wave riding WaveJet, a motor powered surfboard, in Nazaré, Portugal.

The man who has recently surfed a 30-meter (+98ft) wave in the same location, caught a massive right hander with is 10'4" gun.

The new jet jet-propelled surfboard is a great helping tech addition to the natural paddle power of big wave surfers. WaveJet is a specially designed board that has been developed in the last six years. Its extra thrust power can be activated by the surfer and offers a run-time of about 40 minutes.

"The ride on this huge wave justified everything that WaveJet has sought to achieve with its awesome technology", says McNamara.

"The ability to track down and get into that wave with the WaveJet propulsion pod locked into my board, and utilize the power as I rode through the wave, was incredible. It was so amazing to kick out and not have to paddle to get out of harm’s way and get right back to the peak to catch another wave", he added.

The black high-tech surfboard used by Garrett McNamara embeds a twin-lithium ion battery pack. The Hawaiian wave explorer controlled the electric power with a device worn on the wrist. WaveJet can reach speeds of over 11 mph.

Garrett McNamara is WaveJet's brand ambassador and keeps opening new challenges and dreams in the world of surfing. The Wavejet motor powered surfboard costs $4,000.