German surfers turn the surf pool on

April 30, 2012 | Surfing
King of the Küste: surfing in Germany looks like this

Germany may not be the perfect country for surfing in Europe, but the stoke is all there. They've got the waves and wind of Sylt and the famous Eisbach river wave in Munich. And there's more.

This time, the Hamburg Surf Festival promises extreme action on the shores of the Elbe river. There's a surf movie festival, surf art exhibitions, skate park activities, SUP tests and, of course, a surf contest.

But, where are the waves in Hamburg? No problemo. The title of "King of the Küste" will be contested in the Snow Dome artificial wave park, in Bispingen.

At night, it's party time. Dee jays will be performing their sets at the O’Neill Party.

The opening of the Hamburg Surf Festival will take place at Zeise cinemas, in Hamburg-Altona, with the German premiere of "Surfing & Sharks". The surf screenings will also feature the beautiful "Lost and Found", directed by Doug Walker.