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The International Surfing Association (ISA), Surfing's World Governing Authority recognized by the International Olympic Committee, is proud to announce that Greece has become its newest member.

The Greek Surfing Association, led by President Stefan Aslanidis, is now the National Governing Body of the sport in the Hellenic Republic.

"We are very happy and proud about the recognition of the Greek Surfing Association," said Aslanidis.

"Greek surfing is on its very first steps, with a young history of about twelve years and about 400 active surfers. We want to do our best to promote surfing in Greece."

Fernando Aguerre, President of the ISA, said about the newest member, "We are very happy to welcome the Greek Surfing Association to the Surfing Movement."

"Greece, the birthplace of the Olympics, is very close to the hearts of all surfers, as an inspiration in both sport and cultural terms."

Located in southeastern Europe, surfing in Greece is practiced in the Ionian Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Athens and Pelloponisos zone, Crete Island, and the Greek Islands.

The ISA looks forward to seeing the Greece National Team in our World Championships.

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