V-reef: the new artificial floating reef by Greg Webber | Illustration: Paul Roget Design

Greg Webber announced the creation of two patented wave-shaping designs that promise a new approach to utilizing ocean swells.

The Australian wave pool developer created V-wall (movable seawall) and V-reef (floating reef), two solutions that will help improve the quality of waves at natural surf breaks.

V-wall is a pair of hollow concrete walls that form a vee-shaped semi-submersible structure, with the tip or bow anchored just beyond the break.

The formation is designed to float with only 25 percent above the surface of the water so that the entire structure can adjust to all swells at all times.

The result is two perfect wedge waves on either side of the V-wall.

Webber says that a small 50-meter base model can be built for as little as $100,000.

"For such a low cost, you're creating a surfer's paradise in the truest sense. These things are creating a massive increase in the number of rideable waves as compared to any other man-made structure that will probably ever get built," explains Greg Webber.

Webber Reefs: improving the quality of ocean waves with movable seawalls and adjustable reefs | Illustration: Paul Roget Design

A Floating Reef

The V-reef uses a similar concept, i.e., it adapts to the ocean swells in order to maximize their surfing potential.

The artificial floating reef adjusts itself to the swell angles but also moves up and down with the tide, so the gradient is always at the ideal level.

"What we've got with the V-reef is mechanically perfect gradient every single day. It doesn't vary - the ocean varies. So, there will be some degree of randomness, which is nice, but you're not completely dependent on this alignment of sand," adds Webber.

Greg Webber made sure the structure can accommodate shark nets that emit sound, light, electric and electromagnetic frequencies to keep the predators away.

Finally, the Australian wave pool designer added a lighting system that extends the duration of the nearby hotel, retail, and entertainment activities and allows night surfing.

Greg Webber is now selling his concepts to New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, and California.

And apparently, the first installment will be on the island of Honshu, in the Japanese Prefecture of Chiba.

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