Gwynedd Haslock: British surfing legend

Gwynedd Haslock is Britain's oldest female surfer. At 68, the surfer from Cornwall will be featured in a surf documentary named "Surf Magic."

Rodney Sumpter wants to tell us the story of Gwynedd Haslock, an inspirational wave rider from Cornwall, United Kingdom, who has been hitting the water since the 1950s.

At that time, Haslock used wooden bellyboards to enjoy the power of waves and white water. The filmmaker has been granted access to many photos, written lines, and family memories.

"I have permission to use quotes from Daphne Du Maurier's literary agent, from the books 'Rebecca' and 'Jamaica Inn,' as well as full access to Gwyn's family archives, her photos, and the daily quest to explore the best conditions surfing around her beloved Cornwall," explains Rodney Sumpter.

Gwynedd Haslock's first board was a 9ft plank. In three decades, the Cornish legend won several surfing contests. The documentary "Surf Magic" is raising funds to get underway.

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