Hector Santamaria: the inventor of the Flippy Moppy Flip

In a time when everything seems to have been done, you really have got to be creative to invent new surfing maneuvers.

Backflips are not new, but there are many tweaks that surfers do to make them original, personal, and innovative.

Gabriel Medina, Yago Dora, Jordy Smith, Matt Meola, and John John Florence have landed a few.

Traditional backflips require head-high punchy waves, and a fast ride down the line, but Puerto Rico surfer Hector Santamaria has come up with a way to make it harder to imitate - he wanted to complete a flip on a two-foot wave.

So, after landing a few classic rotations, Hector went for broke and flipped his gear Bizarre?

Maybe, but it works and looks tremendously cool. Santamaria named the backside backflip a "Flippy Moppy Flip."

Next challenge: a no-grab backflip inside the barrel? Can you pull it, Hector?

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