Andrei 'Dolphin' Ovchinnikov: riding giants in Nazaré

They're two big wave surfers, and they hail from Russia. The previous sentence doesn't seem to make sense, but they're in Nazaré, Portugal, to prove that our preconceptions are wrong.

Andrei "Dolphin" Ovchinnikov and Andrey Karr Boldyrev have the looks of a surfer.

Their hairstyle, their clothes, and their eyes on the ocean are not different from a mate with an Aussie accent or a dude with a Californian surf speech.

The surf duo has always wanted to surf giant waves. And when the right moment arrived, they packed their bags and flew all the way from the cold to the temperate climate of Western Europe.

"When we finally did it, and I saw 'Dolphin' going down the face of a huge wave, I completely forgot I was driving, that I had a job to do," explains Andrey Karr Boldyrev.

"I was just watching him surf and shouting until I found myself right on the edge of the wave, nearly being thrown down over 'Dolphin.'"

Andrei Ovchinnikov is from Saint Petersburg, and he is a Russian national surfing champion. Andrey Karr Boldyrev comes from Moscow, and he is also an active base jumper.

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