Closeout re-entry: a last-chance maneuver in surfing | Photo: Quiksilver/Chauche

In competitive surfing, the closeout re-entry is an exclamation mark.

Performing a last-chance maneuver when the wave is closing out might change a heat, but it also shows how competent an intermediate surfer can be in wrapping things up.

The section is coming at you. It's the last opportunity to show commitment, power, balance, and aggression in surfing.

The closeout re-entry is quite demanding, but it also separates the men from the boys.

After targeting the lip, accelerate from a deep bottom turn towards the oncoming section.

To avoid getting knocked off, anticipate the impact by flexing your legs and applying strong back foot pressure just before you hit it.

Your center of gravity must be lower than the surfboard's with your backside under the rail.

The Rotation

Ready to hit the lip? Now, push your board hard against the wave. Flatten your board against the lip, compressing hard as if you wanted to push it back out.

Simultaneously, the head/shoulder/arm axis must start rotating to take you back into the wave.

In order to reach the flats and escape before the lip impacts, keep your legs flexed and strong while targeting the landing zone so that your body follows the movement.

Now that you're about to conclude a perfect closeout re-entry, let the lip carry you out of the turn and release pressure to get the board underneath your body.

Ready to touch down? Bend your legs to absorb the impact and put weight on your back foot to avoid nose-diving.

One of the most common mistakes is releasing pressure on the lip too early.

You don't want the nose of the surfboard to hit your chest and annihilate the entire maneuver.

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