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Surfing is an individual sport, but there are so many things in the sport that you can share with your significant other. Learn how to get your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife into surfing.

If you surf, you know what they are missing - the relationship with the sea and the waves, the incredible feeling of walking on water, and the delirious experience of watching a wave break and peel perfectly on a remote beach.

But sometimes, that's not enough.

You've probably sacrificed much of your time surfing while they waited for you at the beach for lunch or stayed inside the car on a chilly winter morning until you decided to pull the plug.

Surfing is sharing.

But how can you convince your partner to share the lineup with you? How can you make them fall in love with surfing, surfboards, and riding blue waves?

Typically, you only have one shot.

If your plan fails to conquer the heart of your beloved, it will be nearly impossible for you to have a second chance - disastrous experiences cause persistent bad memories.

Love: get your partner into surfing | Photo: Shutterstock

The Perfect Surfing Couple

Surfing couples are rare, but the number of partners who share a passion for surfing is growing.

Here are a few tips to get romantic duos in the waves:

1. Praise Their Body Measurements and How They Relate to Surfing

Some people feel intimidated or even afraid of waves and surfboards. Sometimes, they don't believe they're physically ready to take on surfing.

Make surfing universally accessible surfing. Encourage your soulmate to dive into this wonderful world.

2. Invite Her/him to Try Surfing on a Blue Summer Day

Talk about it a few days before it is supposed to happen, with no pressure and no obligations.

3. Get a Big Surfboard

The bigger the board, the faster they will pop up and experience the thrill of surfing.

A memorable episode will increase the chances they get hooked and want to give it another shot. Get a cheap beginner surfboard.

4. Search for an Uncrowded Beach

No one likes to be the kook and the absolute beginner who falls off the board like a child when learning to walk for the first time.

Protect them from being the laughingstock of the beach.

5. Let Them Get Acquainted With the Surfing Reality

Putting on the wetsuit, waxing up the board, putting the leash on, and carrying the surfboard down the beach are new things, so don't rush the pre-surf surf process.

Tandem surfing: just another way of showing mutual love for surfing

6. Keep Surfing Simple

Teach her to find their balance on the surfboard, the paddle mechanism, and how to pop and ride small whitewater ripples.

7. Stay With Them All the Time

If you want your significant other surfing with you in the future, you need to support them and dedicate your time to them.

Forget your waves and focus on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

8. Shorten the Surf Baptism Time

Don't surf yourselves to exhaustion. Instead, keep it a relaxing, enjoyable adventure into the sport of the kings.

9. Smile All the Time and Give Positive Feedback

Talk positively about the first rides. Share tips on how to make it even easier.

Make it a fun and unforgettable experience that you will both remember for the rest of your lives.

10. Have Lunch, Dinner, or a Drink Together Afterward

Celebrate their introduction to surfing and underline the evolution from zero to awesomeness in such a short period of time.

Talk about what they could be doing in a matter of weeks and what it feels like to ride an endless wave with your eyes closed and the sun's heat gently touching your face on a warm summer day.

Need a few tips for beginner surfers? For an in-depth look into first-time surfing, explore The Beginners' Guide to Surfing.

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