Surfboards: learn how to put them on top of your car and drive away safely | Photo: Bigstock

Learn how to transport one or more surfboards on top of your vehicle without installing permanent car roof racks.

Whether you're a fan of surfboard roof racks or not, it's always good to know how you can transport them safely on top of your car without damaging it.

In some situations, you just don't have time to install the racks you have at home because the surf is too good for you to lose time.

And when the surfboard is too big to fit in your car, all you've got is this simple, quick, and easy method.

All you need is two large and wide pieces of thick, closed-cell EVA foam pads and a couple of straps. You can easily find the equipment you need in a DIY retail store.

The goal is to ensure that the board will not move around too much while you're driving and won't dent your car's roof.

Securing a Surfboard to Roof Racks

Here's how you should put a surfboard on the roof of your car:

  1. Drop the front EVA foam pad near the windshield;
  2. Put the back EVA foam block near the trunk door or antenna;
  3. Put the surfboard on top of your car with your fins facing up;
  4. Double-check if the board only touches the foam pads and not the vehicle;
  5. Throw one strap on the front and another one on the back;
  6. Open all four doors;
  7. Put the two cam buckles on the inside and in the middle of the car;
  8. Go to the other side of the car and thread the strap through the buckle, always from the bottom up;
  9. Tighten the straps, but don't over-tight them;
  10. Twist the straps on top of the surfboard to keep them from humming at high speeds;

Always spread the foam pads far apart where the roofline is stiffer. You can stack up to two boards using this hack if you want.

Also, ensure you have good eye contact with the board while driving - if it's moving around too much, immediately pull over and tighten the straps.

And yes, for various reasons, placing the surfboard with the tail pointing forward and the nose on the back of the car is always better and safer.

Finally, avoid running the straps through the windows. There are no real advantages, and you will not be able to open the doors of your car and get out easily.

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