Iceland: surf is everywhere | Still: No Country For Cold Men

Three souls from different wave-riding families have spent ten days chasing Iceland's most notorious surf spots.

Ryan Mattick wrote, filmed, and directed the cold water surf movie.

Surfer Garrett Parkes, bodyboarder James Kates, and kneeboarder Chayne Simpson traveled to one of the most remote Nordic countries in search of frozen gems.

Iceland can be a solitary experience, even if you're traveling with a group of enthusiastic explorers.

Nature invites you to yourself; the temperature, the prevailing white, and the grand mountains induce introspection.

The riders, however, found what they were looking for. Hidden slabs, geometric point breaks, and endless left-handers.

Yes, believe it or not, Iceland has its own Chicama, pumping in days that can be only six hours long.

In the end, they reached a unanimous conclusion: Iceland is "No Country For Cold Men," but it offers some of the most incredible surfing experiences on the entire planet.

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