Indo: meet the Indonesian surfing generation

"Indo" is the much anticipated surf movie by Sean Gilhooley and has been considered the most visually stunning and breathtaking documentation of surfing to come out of the Asian continent.

"Indo" showcases the best Indonesian surfers in action, including Garut Widiarta, Mustofa Jeksen, Raditya Rondi, Marlon Gerber, and Lee Wilson.

The surf film has been shot for two years in a large variety of locations around Asia. Indonesian wave riders charge epic waves in the world's most exotic spots.

"Over the last four years, I have made over 450 web videos for these surfing events. I have always wanted to do my own thing without anyone looking over my shoulder dictating what I'm doing, so this was my chance to do it", explains Sean Gilhooley.

"Indo" will be available on DVD at all the major surf shops in Indonesia and Asia. Gilhooley filmed with the support of photographer Jason Childs and music producer Celeste Kim.

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