Mullaghmore: where surfing is always XXL

Weather experts have recorded the biggest wave ever to hit Irish shores, off the Donegal coast. A giant 67-foot wave was measured by a special buoy, on Tuesday, as a force 10 storm raged across the north coast.

"The M4 weather buoy off the Donegal coast recorded a maximum wave height of 20.4 meters which is the highest maximum wave recorded in Irish waters," Met Eireann reported.

The previous record was 16 meters. The wind was also reaching the 140 km/h at Malin Head, the northerly most tip of Ireland.

Irish big wave surfers are always ready to hit the waters and this time, it was no exception.

At Mullaghmore, an anonymous rider paddled into the wave of his life. Luckily, he took off in a long and big right-hander.

Richie Fitzgerald, Jayce Robinson, Barry Mottershead, Dan Skaj, Paul O'Kane, Tom Lowe, Fergal Smith, and Tom Butler were a few of the surfers that actually tasted the power of the storm, at Mullaghmore.

"The combination of tides, forecasted gale warnings for the next day or so, high sea conditions, and swollen rivers may result in very dangerous conditions", alerts Declan Geoghegan, Manager of the Irish Coast Guard.

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