Huntington Beach: the end and the beginning of surfing?

The world of professional surfing may be preparing for a new revolution. High event costs, take-over rumors, New York and J-Bay cancellations, and a global recession may end up destroying the ASP World Tour.

Rumors are again spreading over the internet. A second and improved version of the failed Rebel Tour idea launched in 2009 has been secretly prepared to be unveiled during the 2012 US Open of Surfing.

Who will be the face of the surfing revolution? Kelly Slater, the man behind the 2009 movement, says he knows who's leading the way to new waves and a new World Tour model and concept.

"I do know who's involved, but I honestly don't know details. I've just kept myself out of the loop. If I snooped, I could get the story, but it's only a couple of weeks away, and we'll all know. Better than just trying to predict. US Open is news time from what I hear", he told the Australian Surfing Life.

The fact is that everybody knows something will happen soon. Kieren Perrow, surfers' voice inside the ASP, Dave Prodan, media director at ASP, and even Brodie Carr, former CEO at ASP, know that it will happen. Is it a matter of time or a number of supporters?

Today, the Association of Surfing Professionals is strongly criticized for depending on a restricted group of surf brands, for the low prize money on offer at each Dream Tour stage, and for not being able to secure successful venues, such as Jeffreys Bay and New York.

Moreover, critics say ASP should own media rights so that the entire competition model may benefit from the overall income. One thing's for certain, the summer of 2012 promises to heat up when the US Open of Surfing kicks off on July 28.

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