The Cigarette Surfboard: approved by Jack Johnson

Cigarette butts are the world's most littered item, meaning that they often end up floating in the ocean.

In 2017, Taylor Lane shaped a surfboard made from 10,000 beach-littered cigarettes. The stunning surf craft won VISSLA's Creators & Innovators Upcycle Contest.

The impact Lane's idea had on the general public was exciting enough for him to carry on and expand the project.

So, the "Ciggy Board Boys" continued shaping boards. Musician, surfer, and ocean activist Jack Johnson joined the movement that raises awareness for this particular type of pollution.

Make no mistake: 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered every year.

"My experience with the 'Cigarette Surfboard' was tricky at first like any good board. But then I started to get excited and turning harder," explained Johnson.

"I had a couple of fun ones. I loved it. I think it represents taking a problem and finding how you could be part of the solution, enjoying that process."

Changing Mindsets

The "Cigarette Surfboard" was a success on the North Shore of Oahu. People on the beach were intrigued by Jack Johnson's latest surf toy.

They wanted to touch it and know more about that unusual wave-riding vehicle made of one of the most toxic forms of litter.

But the "Ciggy Board Boys" will continue to share their work with more and more citizens of the world, whether they're political influencers, young children, or surfers.

So far, the "Cigarette Surfboard" has already visited California, Hawaii, Australia, Fiji, Costa Rica, and Ireland - and the journey is not over yet.

Hopefully, smokers will one day learn how to dispose of cigarette butts.

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