James Jones claims the Welsh National Surfing Championships 2014

May 12, 2014 | Surfing
James Jones: the Welsh surfing star | Photo: Dave Jones

James Jones and Emily Williams have conquered the Welsh National Surfing Championships 2014, at Freshwater West, Wales.

Jones nailed two high scoring rides in the opening minutes of the Open final that proved too good for fellow finalists Max Payne, Harry Cromwell and Alex Morris to eclipse, resulting in the Gower Man taking his second Open title.

In the Open final, local duo Morris and Cromwell were well fancied to finally deliver a title to Pembrokeshire, whilst young Payne, who'd been in rhythm all weekend, appeared to have lady luck on his side.

Past champion James Jones was the most experienced of the finalists. With a wrapping left that nailed a 7.5, and a vertically attacked right that left his fellow finalists chasing down two high scores, Jones managed to clinch the most important title.

In the Women's final young Emily Williams completed her double-double, by winning both the Women's and the Under 18 Girls for the second year running, creating a little slice of history in process.

Young Emily's seems to have stepped into the vacant shoes left by Gwen Spurlock over the past two years. She consistently made the judges pay attention all weekend with dominant displays in both categories the Open and Under 18s.

Welsh National Surfing Championships 2014 Results:

1. James Jones
2. Max Payne
3. Harry Cromwell
4. Alex Morris

1. Emily Williams
2. Libby Vernon
2. Georgina Lewtas
2. Milly Zoeftig

1. Nick Dowrick
2. Raife Gaskell
3. Connor Griffiths
4. Arran Bright

1. Keith Usher
2. James Macgregor
3. Alex Clark

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