Trinidad and Tobago surfers: first event completed

On Saturday 23rd October 2010, the second to last day of the three-weekend long event waiting period, the elements finally came together for Surfing T&T and Caribbean Waterman to run the Chupara Pressure Pot 2010 specialty surfing event.

Chupara Point is a peninsula on the north coast of Trinidad that is also known as La Fillette and is located east of Las Cuevas and west of Blanchisseuse.

The surf spot at Chupara was targeted for this event for its consistent and powerful waves, its dramatic ambiance, and its reputation as the most challenging surf spot found on the North Coast road.

Additionally, the organizers partnered with the developer of the private estate located on the peninsular to raise awareness of the existence of the great surf spot and to ensure its protection remains at the forefront of the Eco-Development plans for the area.

The lure of a winner-take-all cash prize in the Open Division managed to bring all of T&T’s top surfers out of the woodwork to compete.

The Open Final was a stacked event consisting of current National Champion Che Lovelace and three (3) past National Champions, Jason Apparicio, Chris Dennis, and Keith Lewis.

In fact, the 4 surfers in the Final hold a combined total of 15 National Open Men’s Titles and 10+ National Junior Men’s Titles.

At the end of a hard-fought 25-minute final heat, it was Jason Apparicio who came out victorious and walked away with $2400 in cash

Chris Dennis got second place and was presented with an incredibly stacked hamper from Anthony P Scott.

The third-place winner, Che Lovelace, received a Souljahs 4-DVD Boxset and T-shirt.

In the Juniors (U18) division, there was a Tobago Invasion, with 5 of the 8 young surfers coming from the sister isle under the watchful eye of the event champion, Jason Apparicio.

The Tobago boys surfed really well, but they were not able to overcome the consistent surfing of T&T’s current National Junior Champion surfer, Dario Jordan.

Dario won first place, a Souljahs DVD, and three (3) Quiksilver Trinidad T-shirts. Second place went to Caelum Blandford, Third was Mathew Milne, and fourth was Steve Aeschlimann.

The first-ever event of its kind in Trinidad was a great success, and the surfing on display was of high caliber.

Caribbean Waterman and Surfing T&T would like to thank its sponsors, Anthony P Scott and ON87, as well as the judges, supporters, and surfers who made it all possible.

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