Jeremy Flores suffers serious injuries in Indonesia

June 22, 2015 | Surfing
Jeremy Flores: get well soon, dude

Jeremy Flores has suffered a horrific surfing accident in Indonesia.

The surfer from Reunion Island has been severely wounded in the head, just four days after his semifinal heat at the Fiji Pro 2015, in Cloudbreak.

After arriving in Indonesia for a photo shoot with his sponsor, Jeremy ironically paddled out in the Flores island and suffered a horrendous wipeout.

"The worst 24 hours of my life. Hit my head on the reef, lost my conscience for more than an hour, and suffered deep cuts all over my head and face," Jeremy Flores wrote on the social networks.

"Twenty-four hours later, the helicopter finally took me to an international hospital where I got a two-hour surgery on my face. The good news is there is no fracture."

Apparently, Jeremy Flores fell on a small wave, but he ended up hitting the coral and injuring his face. Despite suffering deep wounds, the French surfer didn't lose his sense of humor.

"I would post a picture of my actual face, but it would shock everyone, so I won't!" added Flores.