Kelly Slater: from surf leashes to headphones

Is Kelly Slater ready to be the next global pop star? The surfer from Florida has released "Feelin' The Feelings," a song that will break the hearts of his female fans.

We knew that Kelly Slater enjoyed playing the guitar.

In the last two decades, he made friends in the pop-rock music scene - Eddie Vedder, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, and Angus Stone are only a few examples.

Once in a while, Slater also joins random jam sessions all over the world.

But lately, the world surfing champion seems to be taking music seriously. With an open account on Youtube/VEVO and iTunes, Slater is ready for new stages and indoor applause.

"Feelin' The Feelings," the first official single released by the surfing singer-songwriter, features Karina Zeviani and Pretinho da Serrinha, two Brazilian musicians.

The pop tune was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Of course, some might say that Slater is just playing his mind games as Gabriel Medina chases the first Brazilian world title in the history of surfing.

How do you rate "Feelin' The Feelings"? Cheesy or catchy? Masterpiece or romantic duet? Take a look at the lyrics in both English and Portuguese.

Feelin' The Feelings | Kelly Slater ft. Karina Zeviani & Pretinho da Serrinha

Breaking down
With the thought of loosing you
Oh what I mess I made
Of my life, I'm terrified
To see what I am standing in
To Know the situation

You know that I
I’m feelin' the feelings again
You know that I
I’m feelin' the feelings again

How could I justify
The way that I've treated you
Is there nothing that I can do
To make things right in our lives
I am down on my luck again
Oh  what I fool I've been

To know that I 
I’m feelin' the feelings again
You know that I 
I/m feelin' the feelings again

Vou esperar
Dói demais
Preciso pensar em nós
Ouvir o meu coração

E você, como vai?
Viver por ai sem mim
Vagando de mar em mar

Vou chorar
Dormir, acordar, esquecer
Vou chorar
Dormir, acordar, esquecer

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