Kelly Slater believes there are drugs in pro surfing

March 11, 2013 | Surfing
Kelly Slater: now drugs, he is a surfer

Kelly Slater believes that the use of drugs in surfing is increasing rapidly. The 11-time world champion is a well-known anti-drugs campaigner.

The ASP World Tour policy on drugs follows the Prohibited List, published and revised by the World Anti-Doping Association, but Slater says there is a general recreational drug problem in professional surfing.

"There clearly is - absolutely. There's no denying that, it's rampant, it's full-on", Kelly Slater told The Courier-Mail.

Even after the Lance Armstrong scandal, the 41-year-old surfer thinks there is not a performance-enhancing drug problem in surfing "to make you surf better". But smaller problems are out there and should be solved.

"They tested us at the first event and I never got tested again all year. Why talk about it and not do it? Why bother? Either do it or don't do it", Slater added.

"I know a lot of drug addicts and you can't force them to go get help if they don't want it. You just have to show those people love and support and let them know that if they need your help, you're there".

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