Kelly Slater reveals his artificial wave company in CBS

October 25, 2011 | Surfing
Kelly Slater Wave Company: a Paris surf park would be great

Kelly Slater has unveiled the curtain on his personal artificial wave company in a TV show. The 10-time world surfing champion from Cocoa Beach, Florida, has been interviewed by CBS News. He talks about his titles, private life, and projects for the near future.

Then, there's the long-awaited Kelly Slater Wave Co., and the TV crew had a rare glimpse at work in process.

CBS News calls it a drab-looking warehouse in Los Angeles, but we call it the future of surfing as a cutting-edge sport and pure entertainment.

For proprietary reasons, CBS was asked to avoid showing all the equipment. There's a circular pool arm that generates artificial swell and perfectly ridable waves.

Right now, they're just a few inches tall, but the shape is clearly ideal.

"The wave is perfect, and it just keeps going round and round. I just wish I was the size of a mouse or something", says Kelly Slater.

Full-size machines can be built in paradisiacal artificial surf parks from 2014, anywhere there's enough room and people willing to pay for a consistently perfect wave.

The journalist asks: how much is it going to cost? Have you got an idea? "Yes, we have an idea. It's a big number", replies Slater.

In 2014, we might get the opportunity to ride the most perfect wave ever created by human hands.

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Watch the CBS News interview.