Kelly Slater: watch that broken bottle of whisky

Kelly Slater has reported the "worst pollution" he has ever seen, during his stay in Bali, Indonesia. The 11-time world surfing champion is concerned about the effect of so much litter in the oceans.

"I've never been so alarmed by pollution situation as this trip to Bali/Indo. We need solutions and multi-industry backing", Slater wrote on his Tweeter account.

"If Bali doesn't #DoSomething serious about this pollution it'll be impossible to surf here in a few years. Worst I've ever seen," Kelly added.

The Floridian spends many weeks away from home and has the opportunity to check multiple waves, in many countries, for the last decades. The pollution in Bali is getting worse over the last years.

"Friends just returned from surf trek to outer Indo and said pollution was unbelievable even there. Trash visible in the surf shots", Kelly Slater reports.

Fans have been asking him to clarify what he sees and the answer is pretty explanatory. "Everything. Plastic, random rubbish, medical waste/needles on beach. Disgusting. Smelly water. Really sad."

Bali is one of the most important surf sanctuaries in the world. Uluwatu, Padang Padang and Impossibles are some of the best wave peaks in Asia and in the entire world.

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