Kelly Slater: he always loved bodyboarding

Kelly Slater will join the upcoming Big Wave Bodyboarding Tour (BWBT) right after the end of his professional surfing career.

The multiple-time world surfing champion from Florida has made a dramatic decision to join the best big wave boogie riders in the world when he considers the time has come to conclude his successful pro surfing life.

"There are two reasons why I accepted the Big Wave Bodyboarding Tour challenge. First of all, the age", Kelly Slater tells

"In the next year, it will be physically impossible to compete against the new generation of talented young surfers."

"Then, and because I still want to compete at the highest level, I want to challenge waves that simply cannot be ridden by surfers."

"I want to take the vertical drops with the boogie boards. It will be extremely challenging."

Kelly Slater: the flag of Florida and his signature bodyboard

Inspired by Mike Stewart

The Big Wave Bodyboarding Tour will gather some of the most experienced wave riders in the world.

There will be board sports athletes from many disciplines, such as bodyboarding, surfing, windsurfing, bodysurfing, kitesurfing, and even wakeboarding.

"I've got a deep respect for bodyboarding and bodyboarders," Slater underlines.

"Mike Stewart is a master, and I certainly imagine myself getting pitted in prone mode with the most incredible watermen on the planet

The Floridian surf star also plans to develop a new line of big wave bodyboards under the Kelly Slater Wave Company brand.

The board logo will feature the flag of Florida and its great seal.

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