Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch Florida to open 2019 in Palm Beach

October 27, 2017 | Surfing
Surf Ranch: the first public wave pool will open in Palm Beach, Florida | Photo: WSL

Florida will get the world's first public surf pool using the Kelly Slater Wave Company (KSWC) technology.

The man-made wave pool complex has been given the green light by the Palm Beach County authorities. The construction will begin in 2018, and the surf park will open in 2019.

"It's official. We have a building permit in Palm Beach County for Surf Ranch Florida. I'm beyond proud and stoked to see the first of our developments at KSWC going to my home state," said surfer-businessman Kelly Slater.

"Thank you to Mayor [Paulette] Burdick and the city commissioners for your approval and support of the project. Also, thank you to Jupiter Farms for your comments and support. Looking forward to being neighbors."

Kelly Slater unveiled his dream wave pool in December 2015. Six months later, World Surf League bought a majority stake in the Kelly Slater Wave Company.

The first Kelly Slater Surf Ranch will open 120 miles away from the founder's hometown of Cocoa Beach. The 80-acre project will feature a 2,000 feet long by 185 feet wide surf pool.