Ken Collins congratulates Carlos Burle and Maya Gabeira

November 2, 2013 | Surfing
Ken Collins: a big wave charger and supporter

Ken Collins believes that big wave surfers should work to together and support each other to bring the sport to a new level.

Ken "Skindog" Collins, one of the best big wave riders in the world, has congratulated Carlos Burle and Maya Gabeira for their achievements in the stormy wave of Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal.

After Laird Hamilton appeared on CNN saying that Carlos Burle's wave could only be considered the "wipeout of the year", and that Maya Gabeira lacked the necessary skills to ride big waves, Ken Collins decided to leave the wisest words.

"That's one of the problems of big wave surfing. Guys tend to not support each other. It's macho's sport. People get the chest out. Girls never get credit for charging", says Ken Collings.

"Everybody says she doesn't belong there, but there's a whole line of guys who almost drowned or drowned, and broke legs, and no one is telling them they don't belong there".

"Big wave surfers need to support each other to build the sport to the next level. If you sit there and break down that guy's accomplishments and discrediting him, you're the bringing the whole sport down", concludes Collins.

"SkinDog" is happy to watch his partners charging big waves. Whether they're Brazilians or women.

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