Kepa Acero: he broke his neck and back in Mundaka

Kepa Acero suffered a severe neck and back injury after wiping out in Mundaka, in the Basque Country.

On January 2, 2017, the prolific surfer-traveler was enjoying the magical left-handers of his home break when he fell off of a wave and hit the bottom floor.

"At that moment, I lost consciousness. The only moment I can remember was under the water, wanting to reach the surface, but my hands and my legs were not taking orders," Acero explained later.

"I do not remember anything else. Then I learned that Gaizka and Iñigo got me on the board, and I was removed from the impact zone. I lost sight of it."

Fortunately, Kepa Acero's friends were quick to take him out of the water, and he was later rushed to the Cruces Hospital in acute pain, where doctors confirmed that he had a broken neck with a broken-shifted cervical and a broken back.

"Miraculously, the spinal cord was not damaged, so I can give thanks for being able to feel and move my body, legs, and arms," added Acero.

"I have the feeling of being born again twice in one day, and my thanks go to all those who have accompanied me, those who rescued me, doctors, and you who have encouraged me."

If it weren't for his friends, Kepa would've drowned in Mundaka. The free surfer will now undergo surgery to rectify the neck and back damage.

Are you surfing in dangerous environments? Wear a helmet.

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