Nev Hines: funny and respectful

Nev Hines, the iconic surf legend from Auckland, New Zealand, has passed away on Friday 30th May 2011. "Mambo" left us soon at his Freeline Indonesian Surf Adventures Camp, in South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Hines is one of the most famous Kiwi surfers of all time. He was a 60's and 70's surf pioneer in his own country. Also, he was a famous surfboard shaper and worked in Australia with many local experienced craftsmen.

The Kiwi wonder surfer discovered many secret surf spots in Indonesia and rapidly decided he would live and establish himself in the land of the Asian waves. In 1992, Hines, opened the Freeline Indonesian Surf Adventures (FISA).

"FISA started with a trip, via Bali, to West Java, then relatively unknown, with the first 6 surfers willing to take a gamble on Nev delivering the goods. Garry 'Binatang' Ralph, Geoff 'Lump' Roddick, Lachlan 'Locknuts' Gunn, Mal 'Malice' McNaughton, Cam 'Dognuts' and Col Hedley. All went to plan, we got great waves, had a wild old time and FISA was on it's way", he once told.

During the 90's, Nev Hines and his wife Ani completed the surf tourism project of his life in South Sumatra. Everyone from New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia will remember his love for surfing, friends and simple daily pleasures.

Nev "Mambo" Hines was born on the 20th November 1946 and left our lives on the 30th May 2011.

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