Laura Enever: no fear and full commitment at Fiji's Cloudbreak

At 32, Laura Enever is slowly building a name in women's big wave surfing. And to make her vlogger debut on YouTube, the Australian chose Cloudbreak.

Despite assuming she is scared of big waves, Laura Enever doesn't let fear get in the way when an opportunity knocks.

The Australian's big-wave riding done-and-dusted checklist includes some of the world's heaviest surf breaks.

She's also fresh from breaking a Guinness World Record for the largest ever paddled-in wave by a woman at Outer Reef on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Enever's recent session at Cloudbreak coincided with one of the most epic days at the Fijian spot.

A last-minute decision to get to Tavarua put the regular footer in the epicenter of a historic swell, which lit up Second Reef Cloudbreak.

"To be honest, when I saw the first bombs come through in the morning, I wasn't sure I was going to make it off the boat," revealed Laura Enever.

"I ended up watching for a while, then giving it a crack! I got to be front row to some of the craziest tubes I have ever seen."

Wild Ride and Lost Earring

Laura was the only woman in the channel at the time.

So, the Australian pro surfer eventually paddled out when the perfect blue cylinders followed each other running down the line.

Enever ended up scoring a few bombs, including a massive and steep 20-foot-plus ride that was too much to handle.

As a result of the wipeout, the Australian lost an earring and got pounded by the following set.

"What a wild trip it was. I can't wait to give it another dig when I get the opportunity."

"This wave humbles you and makes you work for it. Hours and hours spent in the water, hold downs, bouncing off the reef, whiplash."

"It takes a lot to keep paddling back out when things aren't working out, but it feels good when you keep trying, and it does."

"I'm excited to get more comfortable on my big boards and try to take some different lines next time."

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