Leonardo Fioravanti breaks back at Pipeline

February 2, 2015 | Surfing
Leonardo Fioravanti: injured and ready for four more wipeouts

Leonardo Fioravanti has broken his back after a horrendous wipeout at Banzai Pipeline.

The Italian powerhouse paddled for a big wave during his Volcom Pipe Pro heat and went over the falls. After being rescued by the water patrol, Leo was rushed to the Wahiawa Hospital for a check-up where a back injury was confirmed.

"Well, I'm alive everyone! And luckily no back surgery! Went down on a big one and tore ligaments in my back and broke two vertebrae. Will be wearing a back brace for four-to-eight weeks Thanks the lifeguards at Pipe for the help," Fioravanti wrote.

Leonardo landed with his back on the reef and was able to take his leash off before being taken out of the water by the jet ski. Doctors have confirmed that the young gun won't undergo surgery.

However, Fioravanti will need to wear a back brace in the next couple of months. The return to professional competition may happen in May. Leo is flying back to Italy to start rehab.

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