Linda Benson creates the Rail Grabber for surfboards

January 26, 2012 | Surfing
Rail Grabber: from the iconic surf-inventor Linda Benson

Linda Benson, one of the iconic female surfers of 1960's, has invented a creative way of carrying a surfboard with ease. The "Rail Grabber" is a simple, yet functional light grip that will help you with surfboard transportation.

"Since I started surfing in 1959, I struggled with carrying the board. I designed Rail Grabber to help with this challenge and after my doctor suggested I stop carrying my surfboard on my hip", explains the Californian surfer girl.

"The first Rail Grabber was a very rustic version. It worked so well that I made more for my surf school kids. After searching for the right material and manufacturer, Rail Grabber was successfully launched in August 2011", adds Linda Benson.

Rail Grabber is made of durable, UV resistant ASA plastic. It is attached to a easy grip handle by a nylon cord, tensile strength of 1800 lbs. A pad made of closed cell eva material formulated for marine applications will grip and cushion your surfboard.

It is a homegrown, grass roots product that is assembled and packed for shipping in a shed next to Linda's house with the help of her family and friends.

Linda Benson won several US Surfing Championships, at Huntington Beach, from 1959 to 1968. She tandem surfer and kept winning surf events until 1969. Linda also worked as flight attendant for over 35 years. Today, she is still surfing actively.