Thanburudhoo: say no to private surf | Photo: Refty Ahmed

Privatization is threatening the best surf spots in the Maldives, as the local government plans to deliver several islands to private tourism companies.

Thanburudhoo, in the Maldive Islands, has two of the best surf breaks in the Indian Ocean - Sultans and Honkeys. It's also the heart of surfing in the Maldives and the only remaining island on the outer rim of North Male Atoll, which has been left untouched by man.

Nevertheless, a high-end surf resort will limit public access to the surf peaks. Only tourists with money in their pockets will ride the pristine, transparent waters.

Moreover, the Hudhuranfushi Resort has appointed World Surfaris as their official surf operations manager, offering a new surfer management plan that will limit surfers permitted to a maximum of 35 between March and October.

Maldives has 1192 islands and endless surf breaks. The entire archipelago can be divided into three different surf areas: Male Atolls, Central Atolls, and South Atolls.

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