Al Mennie: getting ready to tackle Nature | Photo: Charles McQuillan/Channel 4

Al Mennie's wave hunts have attracted the attention of British public-service television broadcaster Channel 4. The result is "Man vs Wave".

Alastair Mennie is not your average big wave surfer.

He likes to surf whatever the conditions are, he writes his own books, he is a Krav Maga instructor, and he gives lectures and seminars to students and businessmen.

We forgot to mention that this Northern Irish man rides the most daunting waves on the planet.

And some of these beasts are right at his doorstep, in the cold and death-defying waters of Ireland.

"Man vs. Wave" is a short series that follows the red-haired man who has discovered and ridden numerous surf spots off the Irish coast and is now developing new ways of finding and surviving extreme surf.

Al Mennie: Ricky, Hanno and Howard are part of the team | Photo: Charles McQuillan/Channel4

"The series shows the specific training I do and also the importance of having a good, loyal team when surfing big waves in cold waters quite often in isolated locations," Al Mennie tells

"I also bring an electronic device from world leaders Statsports into the equation to measure impact, etc, with some very interesting results!"

"Using the device is really interesting, and some of the readings I have had from it have helped to further sculpt my training program."

"It features in the film titled 'Impact'. The film titled 'Survival' shows some of the training I undertake across various in-season and out-of-season phases."

Hitting the surf with the impact of a 60mph car crash? Finding a storm and surfing it? Seriously putting your life at risk? How do you prepare for encounters with giant waves?

Al Mennie shares his big-wave experiences with us. Power to the gingers. The complete series is available on Channel 4.

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