Man with dementia fulfills wish to ride one last wave

July 22, 2019 | Surfing
One last ride: man with dementia hits the surf

A group of youngster helped an elderly man make a wish come true.

The senior citizen's wife asked Ryan Giancola and a few friends if they could get the man to the water and ride a wave.

The man suffers from dementia and most likely has a year to live.

Giancola immediately said yes to the request and helped the man get to the water.

"It was an amazing experience and on my birthday nonetheless," Ryan Giancola wrote on his Twitter account.

A Touching Action

The heartbreaking moment occurs when, after letting a few waves pass, the man catches the wave and enjoys a short ride on a bodyboard.

The video went viral with millions of viewers getting emotional and praising the group's effort.

Dementia is a severe decline in mental ability, involving the loss of thinking, remembering, learning, and reasoning. It also affects language, understanding, judgment, mood, and even movement.

Alzheimer's disease is only one of the many types of dementia. Surfing helps improve mental health.