Margaret River: big waves demand large bottom turns | Photo: ASP/Kirstin Scholtz

Margaret River is a magical place touched by the Indian Ocean. In other words, meet the town known for its premium surf and wine.

In Western Australia, you always seem to feel the power of the elements, and for nearly 40 years, surfers and travelers have crossed the country and the world to take on the world-class waves of Margaret River.

You know you're in surfers' heaven when over 75 top-class surf breaks spread over 80 miles (130 kilometers) of pristine coastline from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin.

The powerful ground swells generated in the notorious Roaring Forties - 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) to the south of Cape Leeuwin - march northeast and meet with the reefs and beaches of the region all year round.

Margaret River: sandy beaches and transparent waters | Photo:

The Main Break

The result is consistent, spectacular, high-quality surf.

The ocean temperature varies little throughout the year, and you'll often feel that Mediterranean-style climate that could only mature grapes in perfection.

If you visit Margaret River, you'll definitely be able to surf. Flat days are rare.

The most important surf break is the Main Break, also known as Surfers Point.

This is a powerful left-hander that works better as it goes from double overhead to the 20-foot range - a great option for muscled surfers.

Despite sharks and shallow reefs, the picturesque region around Margaret River has as many surf spots as wineries and caves.

Bombies is for tow-in lovers; Margaret River Mouth is for beginners, and The Box is bodyboard land.

The Box: bodyboard land | Photo: IBA World Tour/Sacha Specker

When to Surf "Margs"

"Margs" could easily be an independent surfing nation. Between February and June, waves own the place.

Redgate, Boranup, Injidup, Yallingup, and Three Bears offer alternative surfing experiences with limestone cliffs, forests, historic shipwrecks, white sandy beaches, and pristine waters and reefs around you.

During the summer, there are usually sea breezes. Unfortunately, when the temperature rises, strong winds and bushfires often come together.

Margaret River is the perfect blend of sun, sea, wine, history, nature, and culture.

Enjoy the surfing vibe and ride the waves of a lifetime blessed by the magical swells of the Indian Ocean.

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