Mark McNamara: an Australian longboard legend | Photo: Surfing Australia

Former Australian longboarding champion Mark McNamara has passed away at 51 while surfing in Kirra, Queensland.

The legendary longboarder suffered a sudden heart attack while catching waves in the Superbank. McNamara was dragged to the beach by lifesavers, who immediately performed CPR.

The Burleigh Longboard Club (BLC) member could not be revived and was rushed to the Tweed Heads Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

"He was always ready to share his skills, and he took so much time training the guys," underlined Greg Tilley, president of BLC.

"He was born in the water and was always helping disabled people surf, which pretty much sums him up as a person. He was just a bloody good guy over and above his surfing ability."

Mark McNamara was a longboarding legend. He was originally from Terrigal, in New South Wales.

After moving to the Gold Coast, he never stopped making friends and helping others get into the art of longboarding.

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