Matt Mohagen: jetty alert

Matt Mohagan has conquered the inaugural South Bay Boardriders Club Big Wave Challenge. The Los Angeles surfer caught a 15-foot wave at the El Porto jetty, in Manhattan Beach, and got away with a $1000 check and a custom-made 10-foot big wave gun shaped by Pat Readon.

Derek Levy, Chris Rodriguez, Marcelo Malinco and Tyler Hatzikian were also nominated for the prize, but Mohagen's wave captured by surf photographer Jeff Farsai was hailed as the best in the final decision.

"I'm so psyched. It's been a long winter," Mohagen told the Manhattan Beach Patch. "I got that wave in January and actually have been really nervous hoping another big swell wouldn't come in."

To capture the Hammerland wave, Farsai positioned in the surfer's riding line and directioned his Canon digital SLR camera towards Mohagen. The wave breaks near the jetty.

The contest for the region’s biggest wave rider kicked off last year on December 1st and ended March 31st.

The original board members of the include South Bay Boardriders Club Mike Balzer, Derek Levy, Tom Horton, Kim Komick, George Loren, Matt Walls, Tim Ritter, Kevin Campbell, Dickie O’Reilly and Kelly Zaun.

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