McNamara's airplane wing foam surfboard by Mercedes-Benz

January 5, 2015 | Surfing
Mercedes-Benz: Varial Foam inside

Garrett McNamara has tested a new surfboard powered by Mercedes-Benz. Because he's riding giants, he needs "the best or nothing."

What's the best way to sell high-end cars? Call a big wave surfer and design a set of innovative surfboards for extreme rides. Then, test them in the most outrageous marine conditions.

In this particular case, Mercedes-Benz partnered with Varial to take McNamara's equipment to the next level, using the brand's foam expertise. As a result, the Hawaiian daredevil took a "super flex Varial airplane wing foam surfboard" to the waters of Nazare, in Portugal.

Varial, a company founded by Edison Conner and Parker Borneman, says its foam is "not a variation of polyurethane or expanded polystyrene. It's an advanced aerospace formula," that promises 20% more strength, 25% less weight, and eliminates the need of a stringer.

The Varial Foam bullet is part of the MBoard Project by Mercedes-Benz. Have you seen the McNamara's cork surfboard built by the German car manufacturer?