School of Surf

"School of Surf" is a groundbreaking new six-part series that airs Mondays from Dec 7th at 9 a.m.

This docu-reality style show gives you a detailed inside look at high school surf culture in and out of the water.

"School of Surf" is a show about two high school surf teams as they compete to go to the Red Bull Riders Cup.

One is from Malibu High School, situated in a classic California surf town with perfect waves, sunshine year-round, and a vibrant surf scene.

The other is from the OC of the East - Ocean City, New Jersey, with its freezing winters, crowded summers, and unpredictable waves.

The two towns couldn't be any more different.

But the thing the two teams share is the dream of becoming pro surfers and balancing their lives with an obsession with waves.

But this isn't another reality show; it is real life. This is "School of Surf."

Air Dates: Monday, December 7th at 9 am. A new episode will run every week for 6 weeks on MTV at 9 am.

Re-air times are not yet available. Running time: 30 mins MTV2 launch.

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