Museum of British Surfing: old classics included

It's time to pack your surfboard and get on the road with the Museum of British Surfing.

From June 12th to September 19th, 2010, our exhibition, "An art history of British surfing history," will be at Woodhorn, Queen Elizabeth II Country Park, Ashington, Northumberland NE63 9YF. It's a stunning venue on the northeast coast of England.

Art and surfing have been linked for hundreds of years, and our latest exhibition looks at how these elements combined with gliding into British consciousness over the past few centuries.

From early sketches of surfers during the voyages of Captain James Cook in the 18th century and iconic hand-sculpted wooden surfboards to the flower power of the 1960s and garish fluorescent colors of the 1980s - paintings, posters, photography, and film - "An art history of British surfing" is a visual feast.

The act of riding a wave itself is perhaps the purest form of surfing art; the surfer propelled by a pulse of energy from Mother Nature, painting lines on the ever-changing canvas of the wave.

This exciting show has been put together by North Devon-based Charity, the Museum of British Surfing.

"Surfing is part of everyday culture in the UK today; its imagery is the marketing person's dream come true," said surf museum founder Peter Robinson.

"It is something that has always captured the public's imagination, probably because of its innovation, free-flowing form, and laid back lifestyle."

On display will be original British surfboards dating back almost a century, featuring both art and sculptural form. It will be complemented by an eclectic mix of memorabilia showing amazing artwork from the creative minds of surfers and those drawn to this ancient pastime.

You'll also be able to see the eco surfboard featuring a design by respected British artist Conrad Shawcross that was bought with donations from museum supporters through the Surfers Against Sewage 'drawing boards' campaign - plus we're showing the excellent new film from SAS 'Protect our waves.'

There's going to be wave projection across one wall, so you can have your photo taken 'surfing' in the galley! Over the summer, the venue will be hosting some special surf and beach events - stay tuned for updates.

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