Natxo González surfs a dangerously beautiful wave

September 3, 2018 | Surfing
A dream wave: Natxo González found this breach break beauty | Photo: Jon Aspuru

Natxo González returned to the scene of the crime, where he once had this wave all for himself. Now, he is sharing his little secret with his friends.

It's a fast, hollow right-hander that breaks in very shallow water. This dreamy beach break looks perfect, but if anything goes wrong, you're hundreds of miles away from the nearest hospital.

Where in the world can you surf this beauty? You'll have to ask González. The Spanish surfer says it's a perfect wave, but you've got to approach it carefully.

"The wave breaks in really shallow waters. There is no one around. So, after catching a couple of waves, I stopped surfing. I wasn't tired, nor the waves stopped - it was simply too dangerous," explains Natxo.

"So, on the next big swell, I decided to take some of my best friends, and it was completely different. The angle of the swell was a little easier, and having your best friends around makes you feel safer and charge harder."

And because sharing is caring, Natxo González had the time of his life exchanging eight-footers in front of Jon Aspuru's camera lens.

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