Phix Doctor promises eco-friendly ding repair kit

March 12, 2013 | Surfing
Surfboards: lots of ding repair ahead

Phix Doctor has launched an eco-friendly ding repair kit line that reduces carbon footprint to 1/23, comparing to conventional solutions.

Phix Doctor believes it has solved the environmental problem of ding repair kits for surfboards.

The new line is made of super green bio resin kits sourced from tree sap and stocked with optional bamboo fiberglass. Moreover, it offers UV curing lights for night time repairs.

"This is new chemistry, our non-yellowing, endless shelf life products allow our customers to repair their boards without getting a dose of toxic styrene that is present in other major brand UV cure resins", explains Tony Gowen, owner of Phix Doctor.

The brand is looking for ding kits that are greener for the environment and healthier for humans. What will surfers think of it?

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